Campus Tree Replacement Project

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    Simi Valley, California
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The Problem

Our Biology class at Royal High in Simi Valley, CA wants to replace a tree that was recently cut down due to disease. Students will develop a proposal and a supporting argument for planting a new tree. Students will do research on the importance of trees in our school environment, as well as which species of tree will be best for our campus and our climate. Our wish is that we can get approval from our administration and raise the funds necessary to complete our project.

Our Plan

Our project will involve Royal Biology students in a local community project. Students will do research the importance of trees and which species would be best for our campus. Students will create a proposal for the project to be submitted to the administration and the ASB. Students will raise funds for the purchase of the tree and expenses associated with the planting of the tree. Students will create a presentation to share the results of their work.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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