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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
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The Problem

Our Roots & Shoots project is to catalog all the observed plants, animals and fossils found on our school campus. The purpose is to aid other wings of the school in identifying almost anything the children and teachers might find while exploring the fields, woods and streams that comprise our property. We will match photographs or pictures of the various life forms with the proper common and scientific names. Many of the pictures were taken by members of Roots and Shoots, while other images may come from public domain sources or from friends and family of R & S members.

Our Plan

Roots & Shoots students will create laminated field guides in an age-appropriate manner, with only the more commonly encountered species going into an Infant/3-5s guide, while adding additional species as the students become more adept at identifying field marks. The flora, fauna, and fossil field guides will help in assisting teachers with factual information and pictures to share with their students while hiking the nature trails on our campus. Also, other family members that hike with their children will be able to use the field guides on the trails.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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