Camera Trap: Tracking the Wildlife around School Environments

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    Lincroft, New Jersey
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The Problem

It can often be hard for high school students to find time to appreciate nature. As environmental issues grow more pressing, however, apathy toward the natural world is a crucial issue that must be addressed. Our proposed project would strive to expose students to local wildlife by setting up several bird feeders in our school’s courtyard. We would also set up a live camera to monitor the bird feeder, which would allow students to observe the birds remotely. The footage could also be shared with the public through a blog or through other forms of social media. In addition to promoting an appreciation for nature among students, this campaign would also benefit local bird species. Bird feeders provide additional nourishment to supplement natural food sources. This is extremely important in the winter when food in the wild is scarce and birds face harsh competition for resources. In other seasons, feeders can also help nesting parents and migrating birds, who require more food than usual in order to sustain themselves and their families. Overall, this is a campaign that we hope would help both humans and the natural environment while reinforcing the connection between the two.

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