Cabbage Patch

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    West Palm Beach, Florida
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The Problem

My Roots and Shoots Club contains 25 students from grades 2-5. The children come from low income families and understand the value of money and the importance of food. They realized without agriculture, there won’t be food available for anyone in the world. They wanted to start a garden at their home and school to provide food for their families. My wish for this project is for the students to understand the value of agriculture and help others also grow vegetables in their home gardens.

Our Plan

The students have started their garden with growing cabbages. They have put them in pots at this point and taking good care of them. Their plan is to create garden beds to transfer these plants and take care of them from there. They will share the harvested cabbages with the families that need them. They are sharing this with their family and friends, so they can start a garden at their home too. The students will be collecting photos of the plants/crops to see how successful their gardens are.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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