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The Problem

We are working to introduce a recycling project to our school and community. We will start on a classroom level, having scholars properly dispose of paper and plastic. The goal is to make this a part of the culture that will spread to the neighborhood as our kids take on a leadership role and realize how important the "three Rs" are.

Our Plan

A school generates a tremendous amount of waste every day. Much of it paper and plastic. The idea is to reduce (Do we need to make copies and handouts? Or can we just do work in a book or digitally? Can we use water fountains or reusable bottles instead of plastic cups and bottles?) the amount of waste that we are producing and properly recycle the things that would otherwise end up in a landfill. As the lead STEAM Coordinator in the school, I have really made it my mission to teach scholars about the 3 Rs. Reduce by not wasting, reuse as much as possible, and recycle things that are not reusable. My main focus has been on the reusing. We are a school with a focus on the arts, and so the grant will used to get sturdy and reusable tools and supplies for the school that make it possible to turn things that would be junk into useful or artistic projects.

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