C.A.R.E. for Our Beaches

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    Mount Sinai, New York
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The Problem

In an ongoing effort, our group has chosen to do local beach clean-ups. Living on Long Island, we are surrounded by beaches that are enjoyed by many. Unfortunately, litter abounds, and it has had a tremendous impact on wildlife. A few weeks ago, we came upon a juvenile herring gull with fishing line wrapped around both legs. One leg had been completely crippled by it, and the other was on its way. The story of this gull has helped to inspire many members of C.A.R.E. As a homeschooler, we've reached out to the homeschooling communty, and we've had many members participate in beach clean-ups last year. We have many new families this year who are eager to find ways they can get involved with helping the environment, and we hope to continue providing opportunities to do so. Our wish is to inspire everyone to help take care of the planet we share.

Our Plan

We’ve been documenting the amount and types of litter we find on the beach. It is our hope to see a decline as we continue our efforts. Aside from a decline in trash, we hope to see an increase in beach clean-up participation, and an increase in the well being of wildlife and healthy ecosystems. For example, we have been thrilled to see an increase in Monarch butterflies this year at the beaches. As we do the clean-ups, others will hopefully feel inspired to reduce, re-use, recycle, dispose of waste responsibly, and protect wildlife.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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