Butterfly / beneficiai Insect Garden ’14

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The Problem

We dedicate this butterfly/ beneficial Garden to Jane Goodall's 80th Birthday. In light of the publishing of Seeds for Hope, we feel this is an appropriate tribute. The Garden is at the entrance of the B-Street Permaculture Farm, a community resource developed by Pacific University. Besides being beautiful for visitors, it will attract insects to pollenate crops grown for the community.

Our Plan

We have weeded and 'sheet mulched' the bed, adding ample compost. We have selected a variety of plants that will attract a wide variety of insects. The next step is finding the plants and planting. We hope to feature 'Showy Milkweed' to attract & support Monarch Butterflies, that once traveled through Oregon on the way to Canada. Years ago the Milkweed was wiped-out and as a result the Monarch migration ended. We hope to be part of the 'waystations' designed to re-establish this migration.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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