Bush Babies Environmental Education program

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The Problem

The Bush Babies wish is to create a platform in our local communities which will enable community members to grow and mature in nature through environmental education, this will thus result in an environmentally literate community through behavioural change that is able to make wiser conservational based decisions that will conserve our wildlife and biodiversity for us and future generations.

Our Plan

The Bush Babies project will have a vegetable garden in one of our local schools, which will be maintained by the learners, in return teaching them how to be responsible for their vegetables and environment, this also gives back to the community where they can obtain their vegetables fresh from the vegetable garden, and feeding learners from disadvantaged family background. An environmental Education classroom will also be made for the learners to understand conservation a whole lot better, enabling them to understand why we are conserving wildlife. In this classroom they will be taught specifically about conservation thus living up to the Bush Babies wishes that helps the learners to change their behaviour with the way they see their environment. At the end of the school year the Bush Babies (learners) will be taken on a two nights camp in our game reserve where they will put what they were taught in the classroom into practice, once again showing them what we are conserving. They will then be taken on game drives to see our wildlife in which we work timelessly to protect at all times allowing them to develop that sensitivity towards their environment. The Bush Babies (learners) will also have an opportunity to meet our Black Mambas APU a female group of ladies that are protecting our wildlife in our reserve, this will show the leaners how we protect our wildlife, educating them to be motivated to save wildlife with us.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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