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The Problem

To raise awareness about the bunnies as pets , that they have needs and feelings and they are a 10 year commitment and no a gift for the Easter.

Our Plan

In my fb group (Bunnyland GR) we daily inform and educate bunny owners about how to care their pets and cover their needs. Last week, we decided to take an action to inform the others about the bunnies because especially on Easter time , shops and breeders promote the bunnies for Easter gifts and usually after the holidays every year, we observe many bunny abandons in the area. So with this action, we will record the shops and illegal breeders and then we will make posters with messages against the exploitation of the bunnies during the Easter period. After, we will post these images to the online pages of the shops and breeders and/or to the local markets and we will inform their customers about the needs of the bunnies as pets. Our goal is to spread the message that bunnies are beings with needs and a part of the family.Not a toy for the holidays. We try to educate people and make them to think and act in favor of animal welfare.

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