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The Problem

Due to budget cuts and political agendas Ivy Academia Entrepeneurial Charter school had to relocate from three locations into two much smaller locations. Our middle school classes were placed on a small unkept area at the high school which the middle school honor society and middle school enviornmental club have taken up the challange of responsible stewardship.

Our Plan

Students, teachers, and parents will clear out the rusty and broken tables and chairs behind the middle school modual and will recycle as much as possible then discard the rest. We will also paint the plywood shak that is now standing in the middle of the middle school nutrition area, scrub down the lunch tables, and we will plant some CA native flowers in our relaxation area. We will also install a recycling center in these location so the nasty plastic bottles are nolonger on owr grounds or in our landfields.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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