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The Problem

Interviews with parents, grandparents and educators say someone must give children something besides video games. To bring fun Science educational enrichment workshops to low performing schools and children of color will low grades. To get students and their families in need and at risk to become interested in Science. Our wish is to help children sustain their interest in learning by learning about differences and similarities under microscopes. Our wish is to help children imagine a future in a Science career. Science classes are ignored by youth. Children of color are underrepresented in Science professions. We wish children and families could learn why insects, bugs, animals, plants, trees and humans are important to each other. We all depend on each other for our food, our good health, clean water supply and our environment. "Our Scholars Read Books" our free book giveaway since 2009 will help children improve their knowledge and let them learn and use new words in sentences. It is a goal that one day these students will start their own service learning project to make a difference. Our goal is to feed the mind.

Our Plan

We selected and developed the "Bugging Out in Science" campaign. We used the map to identify and contact collaborators to support us and guide us. We were referred to a Science teacher from Retired Teacher Association in our State and they referred us to Brad Rheu , the 2014 Science Teacher of the year. He wants to be an Advisor and has agreed to a volunteer Science Coach. We had a meet and greet luncheon at the community library. There we met Dr. Bobby Wilson who shares our passion and will be an Advisor and a volunteer Science Coach. In mapping we also found North West Area Health Education Center and they have helped us by borrowing two microscopes from the School System for us to use in the workshops. A donor receiving a fundraising newsletter from us purchased a microscope for us. Roots and Shoots granted a microscope for us. We now have four. Science professional Coach and student volunteers will lead a fun engaging activity with microscopes and prepared and unprepared safety slides. The youth in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades will be introduced to microscopes and slides of insect wings, honey, salt sugar soil, old water, insect legs mold, bugs, leaves, hair, antenna and feathers. -- Another community resource is Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods have guided through thinking about future challenges and obstacles. We have also reached out to school principals,and will follow up in August and September. Science teen volunteers will partner with the students and assist the assist the volunteer Coach. The microscopes and slides will fascinate and educate them. They will have discussions on Science careers. We will let them choose a free book of their choice to encourage a love of reading. The books are all different and selected with by children with donations. Parents can get a book, too. We provide Donations of school supplies We feed the body mind with healthy fruit snack are also distributed to the youth. The workshops will be small projects held in low income areas in community mapped referred places of worship, recreation centers, libraries, and schools.

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