Brooklyn Gardens Elementary School Community Garden

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    Brooklyn, New York
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The Problem

We hope for this garden to become a focal point of our community and represent the hard work and community of our students for many years. Our wish is for families, friends, community members, and partnerships to join together in the creation, maintaining, and celebration of this urban garden. We hope for it to continue to feed our children and families healthy diets as well as establish healthy life styles.

Our Plan

It is our goal to develop a community urban garden within our school that will allow students to participate in hands on learning on a daily basis. This garden will be a place for students to collaborate, nurture, share, and explore. Students will raise their own vegetables and fruit to feed their classmates, teach cooking classes, and run a small farmer market. Students will participate in composting, recycling, and conservation practices. Our garden will serve as an educational space to inform youth about garden and nutrition related issues, such as health and the environment, as well as support science, literacy, social studies, and math education. Classes will be held on a daily basis in the garden for grades pre-k to 5th grade as our school continues to grow. ur school is a NYC Public Community school that prides itself on being a learning community that nurtures growth, respect, ownership, willingness, and success for all. Students are exposed to and engaged in real life learning experiences through an interdisciplinary curriculum that helps students understand their world and their place in it. This garden will offer hands on and purposeful experiences to based our entire curriculum around.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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