Bravo High School’s First Garden

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The Problem

The Organic Garden Club here at Bravo Medical Magnet High School is working towards building the school's very first community garden. We are building the garden with the intent of giving our students the knowledge and the skills to grow their own plants and also to understand the value of being able to grow your own food. Our wish is not only limited to this, we are hoping that the community as a whole will come together and learn from the garden as it will be open to all who nurture it. We will start by educating our students and giving them the knowledge of gardening which they will carry for life and then hopefully educate the people around them and the knowledge imparted by us will only continue to spread.

Our Plan

We have already sectioned off a part of the school for the garden, there is a back area of the school that has a narrow yet very long space which to this date has been unused which is where we plan to build the garden. The length of the area is approximately 94 meters long and the width spans from 4-10 meters wide depending on where you are in the garden, with an area size measuring 5,544 feet. In this space we are going to put soil where we will grow a variety of types of plants, we will have a compost station, an aquaponics pond, and we will have an outdoor classroom area. We have an action plan of how we want to partition the space and how we will execute this. Classes will be brought in to learn about gardening while the O-life club will be the primary people maintaining the garden, although anyone who wants to help may do so for credit and/or volunteer hours.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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