Brainstorm for Birds!

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    Ashtabula, Ohio
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The Problem

I would like my students to have a greater understanding and respect for parrots and backyard birds. Birds help keep our ecosystem in balance and I'd like my students to realize their vital importance. I would also like for my students to implement their ideas to help protect and save birds, both locally and globally.

Our Plan

With help from the Kids for Positive Change Program, my students are working in Think Tank Teams and coming up with various ideas about how to save and protect parrots and backyard birds. One idea, generated by the team,s will be implemented into a Classroom-Community Action Assignment. In addition to the backyard bird feeders, my students made on our Foundational Day, where they participated in a Parrots and Backyard Bird program, my students will create flyers to educate the school and community about the best time to trim trees to help keep baby birds safe. They are also working on creating posters and flyers, to educate the school and community, about the negative impacts of lead bullets on birds. There are many deer hunters in this area, and it is my hope this project will enlighten hunters to make smarter choices when choosing bullets. My student teams will also be writing a cooperative report to share with other classes on Celebration Day. These reports will highlight their ideas about how to help save and protect all birds and educated other classes about what they can do to save and protect birds!

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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