Boulder County Jail Inmates Helping Animals

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    Boulder, Colorado
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The Problem

This project is to raise funds for TRANSITIONING any animals (including Humans) from captivity to freedom. This includes helping ANY ANIMAL that finds itself Homeless, Hungry, or Sick to be safely and respectfully assisted in transitioning into the Boulder County Communities that exist here in Colorado.

Our Plan

Increase awareness of the many forms of LIFE and treat all LIFE with dignity and respect. We will be collecting monetary donations from direct marketing as well as internet collections. Additionally we will be hosting LIFE parties, events, gatherings and collecting donations from these as well. Finally, we will be running an on-going HOMELESS GARAGE SALE. We will sell donated items as well as allowing the Homeless population to sell their own self-created items such as Jewelry, Art,, Clothing, Knitted apparel, etc... So get involved and/or donate $$ or ANYTHING by contacting

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    Pets & Companion Animals
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The Benefit

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