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The Problem

We have decided to create a small botanical garden at Towne Square in order to improve the environment by encouraging beautification and wildlife habitat restoration. Our project would add a small botanical garden to an existing park. This would add a variety of vegetation and become a fun spot that the public could visit. Through signs and facts about each plant in the garden, people could increase their knowledge of the environment and learn what changes they could make in their lives to better benefit the environment. It would create a family friendly attraction that would benefit the existing environment and prevent future construction and destruction of our beautiful ecosystem.

Our Plan

The "Botanical Garden" project will benefit the wildlife and community by adding more diversity of vegetation. This will give younger generations exposure to the importance of persevering and appreciating the environment. Also, this adds a group volunteer activity to the community that nurtures love within each other and the environment. Furthermore, the botanical garden will educate the public about environmental protection and discourages further construction or destruction of the land that is home to various species. This project we have decided to take on greatly influences people for various reasons. Primarily, the botanical garden adds more vegetation to the environment so that more fresh, clean oxygen can be released into the air for our use. Moreover, the addition of vegetation ensures more of the excessive harmful carbon dioxide emissions can be absorbed. Although the amount of change is small, this project is significant because it cultivates an outlook of growth and greener methods from the community. Additionally, the beautiful plants add aesthetic beauty to the community and nature has proven to lower depression and aid in pain relief (especially for elders). Not only does the project help people, more importantly it helps organisms around us. As more and more construction and destruction of vegetation occur, the more habitats of vital organisms are destroyed. By making an effort to add vegetation, we diversify the ecosystem and add potential habitats for organisms. Lastly, increased vegetation can serve as food for herbivores. Essentially, our wish for this project is to improve our neighborhood community by adding vegetation, preserve the vegetation that is already present and alert the public about environmental protection.

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    Community Enhancement
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