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For the past five years I have run this project, and since I am leaving for college in the Fall of 2017, I want to share it with others! Each year, I accumulate donated goods to give to sick children in the hospital. Many of them do not have the opportunity to get the gifts we receive for the holidays, or even spend it with their families. My goal is to bring them something to put a smile on their faces. I have been working at two hospitals in my region, City of Hope Hospital for Cancer Research as well as Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA. I will be collecting various items and bringing them to the ill children and teens in both hospitals. I would love it if you could provide some of the following: pajamas, socks, slippers, bandanas, beanies, T-shirts, dolls, action figures, store gift cards, iTunes gift cards, DVD’s, makeup, toys, robes, toiletries, scrapbooks, stickers, comic books, disposable cameras, nail polish, jewelry, books, crossword puzzles, electronic games, magazines, stuffed animals, and art materials. Please make sure that all of the items contributed are NEW. The hospital will not take anything used due to the children’s compromised immune systems. Your donations can be dropped off at my house, mailed to me, or, I can come and pick them up at your desired location (if appropriate). For your convenience, you are welcome to send a check, and I will be happy to make a purchase for you. Thank you so much, and I hope you contact me so we can work together!

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