Blue River Forest Experience

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    Overland Park, Kansas
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    Any Age

The Problem

Blue River Forest Experience (BRFE) endeavors to cultivate an awareness, appreciation, and devotion to nature, ourselves, and others. BRFE empowers people and community to better themselves through a variety of nature-based programs and self-enriching experiences. Our programs, which are held on land that feeds the headwaters of the Blue River in Overland Park, Kansas, lead to a reawakened sense of wonder. We desire to inspire optimism and happiness, and foster feelings of well-being. In order to do this, we find it important to connect every man, woman and child back to the land. In turn, this reconnects them to their true-selves.

Our Plan

To provide people of all ages with opportunities to experience and connect with nature and the outdoors. To share about the lives, knowledge, wisdom, and cultures of indigenous peoples, as made possible by nature. To empower therapists, doctors, and other relevant health professionals with further resources and methods of aiding others in sustaining well-being, including for peoples whose minds, bodies, and life development, alongside social and cultural inequity, can be disabling. To grow a larger community of earth stewards committed to nature and each other, who can use their combined strength to ultimately better the world.

Themes Addressed

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    Indigenous Rights
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The Benefit

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About Roots & Shoots

We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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