Black Bear Awareness with Montclair Elementary School

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    Portland, Oregon
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The Problem

To create a two day curriculum focusing on black bears and the connectivity in our local environment to share with the second grade classes of a local elementary school. Our goal is to expand their awareness of their impact on the world, and share how simple, doable changes can and will positively impact the animals they love. We'll also be inviting them to visit the Oregon Zoo on Bear Awareness day (May 30th), to learn even more about black bears and all of our amazing animal ambassadors.

Our Plan

As a group of teen volunteers, we'll be working together to write the curriculum based on our own enthusiasm for animal welfare and our combined years of experience sharing with zoo visitors and children that all animals are amazing. By focusing on black bears we hope to give a face to the countless animals in our own area who need our respect. We could choose something closer to home, like squirrels, for example, but black bears may hold the kids' attention more easily and will tie into Bear Awareness Day seamlessly. The two days at the school will include discussion topics, outdoor games, an educational video, and touching a black bear pelt and skull - all about black bears' natural history, as well as a group craft project and ideas to help the environment in our everyday lives . By helping the environment, we help the animals that rely on it.

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