Birds of Riverwalk

  • Location
    Hillsborough, North Carolina
  • Status
  • Age Level
    11 to 13 Years

The Problem

Wild bird populations have declined dramatically. Ignorance about the wild bird population prevents people from figuring out how they can help protect bird habitat.

Our Plan

What: we will make a laminated sheet about bird species we see along Hillsborough’s Riverwalk How: we will use bird books and online resources such as iNaturalist, eBird, and Merlín Bird to research the birds. We will put the information in a Google doc which we will print and laminate. We will ask permission to hang these sheets at the entrances to Riverwalk so people can use them while taking a walk. Where: on Riverwalk in Hillsborough, along the Eno River When: In the next couple months this spring in 2022

Themes Addressed

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    Habitat Destruction
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    Invasive Species
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The Benefit

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