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The Problem

We are looking at birds that are frequenting feeders around our school. We are trying to see if birds prefer seeds that are native to our area or the seed you buy in stores that is not native to our area. The second part of our experiment will look at whether the birds prefer one color of feeder over another. Once we have gathered our data we plan to design a bird garden at our school. We will make the plan based on our data and then plant the bird garden in either the spring of this year or the fall of next school year.

Our Plan

Right now we are collecting data in two of our courtyards. Each courtyard has two identical feeders. One feeder holds native seed and the other holds non-native seed. We have a bird camera focused on each feeder to help us collect our data. We use the pictures from our bird cameras to keep track of the number and type of each bird visiting each feeder. We put the same amount food in each feeder and keep track how often we need to fill the feeders. When this portion of our study is complete we are going to put out the same food out in different colored, but otherwise identical, containers. We will continue to use the bird cameras and both courtyards to collect our data.

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