Bird Buddies Part 2

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The Problem

We want to create a bird garden at our school. This will help our school and our community. We have a garden that has become overgrown. We want to make this garden a place of beauty and help the birds around our school yard. This area could become an outdoor classroom for all students to use and for our community to enjoy.

Our Plan

We have placed 8 feeders of different colors in our courtyards. We made the feeders so that they are all identical except for the color. We have red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, pink, white and black feeders. We have designed a plan to randomize where we place the feeders and change their position every two weeks. This is to be sure that it is actually the color of the feeder that is attracting the birds not the location. All feeders are filled with the same food. We have bird cameras focused on the feeders to make sure that we are getting all of the birds that visit our feeders. We only count the bird if we can tell it ate out of the specific colored feeder.

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    Community Enhancement
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