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    Lancaster, California
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The Problem

I wish for students to learn about and engage with their local environment, how their behaviors affect it and the animals that call it home. I wish for students to understand: • The effect of toxic waste in water and desert habitat and how it affects birds and other wildlife • The effect on animal habitat, particularly birds, as it is altered by illegally dumped waste caused by human negligence • The legal ramifications of illegal dumping • The recycling programs in our community

Our Plan

Students will learn about the specifics of illegal dumping in their community and how it affects their environment and the habitat of local and migrating birds. They will take a field trip to a local illegal dump site where they will participate in a clean-up day as they gather items to repurpose into functional art in the form of bird houses, fountains or feeders or as sculptures. An exhibition of their trash made sculptures will take place in the local community. Students will take a field trip to a local wildlife sanctuary and Devil's Punchbowl Natural Area and Nature Center to experience and learn about the local wildlife. We will take students to Apollo Park for a bird watching experience. Representatives from the City of Lancaster will speak to students about how illegal dumping is affecting our local community and the resources available for residents of the city for waste disposal and recycling programs. We also plan to have the LA County District Attorney come and engage with the students in a conversation about legal action that is taken when one is caught dumping illegally.

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