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    Yorba Linda, California
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The Problem

The area I live in has seen a large amount of new housing in the last few decades. Previously full of only orange groves for 50 miles, it now is home to one of the largest suburban areas in Southern CA. How does this affect the existing ecosystem? How can we protect and attract biodiversity in urban habitats? To find out why some species thrive in cities, we first have to spend time investigating which species are living in urban areas and which species from the region are absent from developed areas. Only then can we begin to plan for a future where biodiversity flourishes even in busy suburban areas like mine. We are going to document the local lizard population.

Our Plan

We will know if our campaign is successful by the number of observations we receive. We are aiming for at least 50. These observations (lizards) will be documented with location and photographed and then submitted to the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles, a large museum that is local to us.

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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