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    Kigali city and Nyagatare district
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    26 and Over

The Problem

shortage of animal feed in Nyagatare district and eastern province in Rwanda in general, where cattle on feeding dry grasses only, this led to low production of meats, milk, and breeds, hence poor living standard of people and cattle farmers. The source of this is the long sunny(dry) season that we are facing in nowdays which cause shortage of livestock feeds. Reference of the problem with statistics: Thursday October 14 2021 Report by RDDP had proved that Nyagatare farmers used to supply up to 96,000 Ltrs of milk per day to formal market but in dry season supply around 37,000 ltrs of milk per day. A big gap of around 60,000 liters of milk per day

Our Plan

We going to Introduce Hydroponic Fodder Farming that produce nutritious and affordable livestock feeds which is fodders and also farming that do not depend on seasons to tackle this problem of insufficient livestock feeds. Under Hydroponic farming(farming without soil), we grow grains (ie: maize) into fodders within 10-14 days to be feed livestock. We also use water recycling system to conserve water

Themes Addressed

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    Climate Change
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    Factory Farming
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    Food Insecurity
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    Industrial Agriculture

The Benefit

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