Berries for our students

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    Wakefield, Massachusetts
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The Problem

We are planting blueberry and strawberry bushes, and growing them naturally and organically using compost and organic methods, on our school grounds as living environmental and plant-growth classroom installations which will also provide a source of healthy, tasty food for the infant, eighth grade students, more than 115 of them. The students are researching what variety of plants will grow best in our environment, where best to place them, and what will best help them to grow, as well as how to naturally protect them from predators and illnesses. They will use them as a living classroom for the toddlers through eighth graders for years in the future.

Our Plan

We will plant several blueberry bushes and a bunch of strawberry plants. We will research the best plants to purchase and best place to plant them, and then the best way to take care of them, and they will be a living environmental and plant-growth classroom for the toddlers through eighth graders at our school, and also provide healthy, nutritious and tasty food for the students (over 115 of them, infants through eighth graders) at our school when in season.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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