Beneficial Bivalves and Vertical Oyster Gardens

  • Location
    Tampa, Florida
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  • Age Level
    8 to 10 Years
    11 to 13 Years

The Problem

The Woodrow Wilson Middle School Agriscience Program and Prodigy Club would like to use this grant opportunity to share what they have learned about oyster recycling and renewal and vertical oyster gardening with a couple of local elementary schools. The students will talk about how these beneficial bivalves clean bay waters and provide ecosystem services to other marine creatures. The project demonstrates youth initiative as it involves students actively participating in various environmental activities, including guest speaker engagements about oyster restoration, community awareness, educational experiences, and more. The project purpose and planned impact embrace the shared mission of Jane Goodall\'s Roots & Shoots by empowering young people to become stewards of the environment and address real-world environmental challenges. Students are actively involved in choosing, planning, and implementing the project, making it a youth-led initiative. The project details clearly demonstrate engagement with the community. Students are actively involved in community-based activities such as education about oyster reef restoration, promoting community projects that preserve Florida\'s ecological heritage. These activities engage community members and align with the \"think local and act local\" principle of Roots & Shoots. The project aligns with the core principles of Roots & Shoots, such as youth empowerment, environmental education, and community engagement. The project will incorporate Roots & Shoots resources to plan and implement the student environmental awareness campaign.

Our Plan

The program addresses the lack of environmental literacy toward the role that oysters play in our bay area community. Our objective would be to engage with ALL of the 5th grade students of two elementary schools in our area. Funds will be used to develop printed materials and educational materials for the student teaching event. The emphasis on education and environmental awareness in an educational setting indicates a need for funds to implement the project. The project\'s focus on sustainability and environmental education can be inclusive and benefit a diverse range of students from various backgrounds and experiences. The student teaching team is made up of students from several ethnic backgrounds. In summary, the Wilson Middle School Agriscience proposal demonstrates a strong emphasis on youth leadership, community engagement, and environmental education and we believe that the project aligns well with the overall mission and priorities of Roots & Shoots.

Themes Addressed

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    Biodiversity Loss
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    Water Pollution & Conservation

The Benefit

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