Bees and Butterflies (and birds!)

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    Scottsdale, Arizona
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The Problem

We wish to beautify the community while inspiring knowledge about how Native Arizonian plants must be maintained so that our bees, butterflies and birds can continue their work in the community to keep it strong and vibrant. We wish to plant and maintain native plants so there is an improvement and amelioration of the area and the knowledge about how important the wildlife and the native plants are to our entire ecosystem.

Our Plan

We already completed an initial study on the Native Arizonan plants we need and now have a committee checking on prices of seeds and soil. We elected class officers to guide the project. We have a committee collecting pots to start the plants and a committee checking on local nursing homes that might allow our garden in their area. Our project will continue in January of 2016 with planting. We still need an advertising committee. Our project will continue in our school because I have students for two years. Our seventh grade students this year will assist in getting next years' student up to speed with the project and so it can continue each year.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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