Bee Box 4-H Service Project

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    Boswell, Oklahoma
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    Any Age

The Problem

The decline and loss of pollinators and their habitat!

Our Plan

Lucile Morehouse, age 13, is an active 4-H member in Choctaw County, Oklahoma. She created a service project that focuses on saving pollinators. Last year Lucile was awarded the Youth Enhancement Grant from the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation. This one-time grant allowed Lucile to distribute 600 pollinator seed packets that went to 16 different states. This year, thanks to generous donations from across the nation, Lucile met her goal and will be able to distribute the seed packets again! Lucile partnered with the USDA/Turner seeds to distribute their pollinator seed mix that is great for the whole state of Oklahoma. The mix includes native plant species that help native pollinators. Lucile along with Kiamichi Technology Centers Skills USA volunteer committee packaged 2,000 seeds this year! She attended Durant\'s Earth Day celebration and has given hundreds of seed packets out. The furthest her seeds have traveled are to Alaska, United Kingdom and Germany. She\'s been in many national publications for her work. She has been featured on news segments as well! \"Plant a seed, grow a flower, feed a pollinator,\" Lucile said, \"It\'s a service project to help our pollinators. Because without them our food sources would quickly disappear!\"

Themes Addressed

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    Biodiversity Loss
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    Food Insecurity
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The Benefit

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