Beb’s Lil’ Bees

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    Lexington, Kentucky
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The Problem

We wish to give back to our world and our native community of plants and animals (insects too!). We want to plant pollinator gardens around Lexington to provide flowers for bees to collect pollen, add to our local ecosystem, and give homes for monarch butterflies. We are also looking into making butterfly houses.

Our Plan

We will plant 4-5 pollinator gardens around Lexington in public areas. These will be in places that the public can enjoy them, but they will be focused on providing natural and native environments for bees, other pollinators and butterflies. We will make the spaces between 3’x3’ and 10’x10’. We are working with experts at native plants to ensure that we have the right plants, and the right combination of plants for each season. We will place signs at each garden to explain to the public what we are doing and to make sure they are aware of the current struggles and habitat losses that bees and butterflies are going through. We will also make sure that these are pesticide free spaces, and try to educate others about the use of pesticides.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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