Beach Cleaning Fun at Hollywood Beach

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    Hollywood, Florida
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The Problem

Every hour, approximately 1.6 MILLION tons of waste enters our oceans, all this garbage is endangering us all, there is an specie that is especially affected by this waste and are the sea turtles. We would like to learn about the sea turtles and how we can help to increase their provability to reach adult life.

Our Plan

We will be Visit the Marine Environmental Education Center in Hollywood Beach, we will learned about the different species that inhabit the South Florida Waters and lay eggs on our beaches, we will also learned how to help the hatching process and all the things that are threaten and endanger the turtles. We will finalized our project walking the Hollywood Beach picking up all pollution materials such as ropes, plastic,lids,nets and many others.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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