Beach Cleaning

  • Location
    Hollywood, Florida
  • Status
  • Age Level
    11 to 13 Years

The Problem

Florida accounts for 70% of the nation\'s sea turtle nesting and Southeast Florida, from the Space Coast to the Gold Coast, is the second most important nesting area in the world for loggerhead sea turtles. Broward County serves as a consistent nesting area of three specific species of sea turtles: the loggerhead (Caretta caretta) sea turtle, the green (Chelonia mydas) sea turtle, and leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) sea turtle. By keeping the beaches clean of debris we can help these species to nest and also for the babies to return back safety to sea.

Our Plan

We will meet at Hollywood Beach and Clean the beach

Themes Addressed

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    Animal Welfare
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    Biodiversity Loss
  • term icon
    Clean Water
  • term icon
    Climate Change

The Benefit

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Here is how the project went:

The Beach Cleaning went great we were able to pick up a lot of small plastic items that might had hurt the animals.

Through this project I/we learned:

Learn about animals, Ocean and how to enjoy the beaches and keep them clean

What I/we might change:


My/our favorite part of this project was:

Being with my friends, enjoying the beach and knowing i was doing something good for the environment, the animals and the people

Some tips, tricks or fun facts about the project:

Make sure you bring gloves and a grabber.

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