Bay Trail Beach Cleanups

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    Alameda, California
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The Problem

My wish is that the Bay Trail on the coast of our island will be clean from debris and hazardous materials.

Our Plan

My project will be monthly Bay Trail cleanups with a coalition of Amelia Earhart Elementary School, Lincoln Middle School and Alameda High School students, as well as any community members who want to join. Every month, on low-tide days, we will walk to the Bay Trail with buckets, trash-grabbers, gloves, and a wagon. We shall proceed to pick up trash and debris for two hours. We will also weight all the trash we pick up and compile the data to send to the NOAA. My project will build fellowship between people of different backgrounds and help our students be protectors of our waters. Additionally, as there is a bird sanctuary right next to the Bay Trail, my project will protect its inhabitant by keeping the shared waters clean and sanitary for avian habitats.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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