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The Problem

Number of people participating 19 Number of hours spent 42. The entire study took over 18 months to complete Number of people served 242 We were at our doctors’ office for a check up and noticed that her assistant would remove AAA batteires from a monitor and throw them away. The batteries still had power remaining in them as they had only been used for 24 hrs. The assistant said that sometimes she gives them back to the patient but they are of no use to the office because they always have to put a fresh pair in the monitor. With my doctors’ permission I asked them to keep 2 months’ worth of batteries. My doctor, her assistant agreed that this was a waste of power. Plus all these batteries would end up in a landfill and pollute the environment.

Our Plan

Materials Batteries Envelopes we had made in a previous attempt Craft glue, Scissors, stapler, pen, stickers We collected 288 batteries from our community and the above office. We then collected and sorted all the batteries and checked them for power. Then we packed them in our handmade envelopes which were reused from another study. We then put 6 batteries in each envelope Wrote a small message about reusing And gave it distributed it to our community. We were able to give 47 people battery packs. WE LEARNT Reusing is important. A little time and a tiny amount of effort can help keep our planet earth green. It gave us an opportunity to spread the world about reuse to our friends at the office and in our community. We discussed using rechargeable batteries in the doctors office. Our friends and neighbors were very happy as they got free batteries to put in their TV and video remotes, portable devices etc

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