Bat Observation Station

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    Bragg Creek, Alberta
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  • Project created by Shara

The Problem

Bat Observation Station along with the opportunity to record activity of the bats would create enormous educational opportunities for the understanding of life cycles, needs of animals, the food chain, ecosystem studies, investigating ways to manage mosquito populatio A ns etc. Most importantly, we would be securing safe housing for bats. We could follow other bat houses across Canada and link with other educators and enthusiasts about bats: This project would not only help educate the grade one and two students, but would have school wide educational appeal and potential. The whole school population of students would become aware of the importance of bats and how we may further help them. Erecting a bat house and observing the bats using a night camera is a exquisite way for students to learn about and add to the biodiversity of our school grounds and community. The bat house and night camera would be used by all students in our school. This project would be a permanent presence on our school grounds offering the potential to educate thousands of children about bats.

Our Plan

The Bat Observation Station will include a study throughout the school year 2015-2016 and with the working together in the spring of 2016 to determine the most appropriate location for hanging of the Bat House. All grade 1-2 students will be involved in the development and awareness of the project (once funded) in the selection of the location, in setting up the camera and the bat house and finally in monitoring the activity in the bat house using pictures from the night camera. The whole student body will be educated about the bat house and night camera through posters and presentations developed by the grade 1-2 students. The bat house and night camera will become a permanent addition to Banded Peak’s Schools Back 40. As a result, future students will have the opportunity to observe, study and learn from the documentation from the camera. The bats will have the opportunity to thrive in a safe home.

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