Bat Houses

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    Milford, Connecticut
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The Problem

We constructed three bat houses out of kits purchased on line. Two of the bat houses will be installed on campus and one will be installed at a faculty member's nearby home.

Our Plan

Our project will provide summer roosting sites for up to 300 bats. To begin the project, we ordered the Bat Conservation Internation's student education kit and completed several of the included activities to gain an appreciation for the importance of bats in controlling insect populations in our area. We also learned about white-nose syndrome which is decimating bat populations in North America. We then researched bat house types and selected a single-chamber bat house for our project. We then met muliple times to build and paint the houses. We selected two campus locations based on what we learned about bat preferences and had our grounds crew install the homes. We are eagerly awaiting bats!

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The Benefit

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