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    Tucson, Arizona
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The Problem

We hope to participate in the campaign across the nation called "Ban the Bottle", where schools eliminate all the single-use plastic bottles on campus. In this way, we will significantly reduce the plastic footprint we create. This impact will add up.

Our Plan

We will write a proposal to the Administration Office to ask them to stop supplying bottled water during various school events (such as Open House) as well as faculty/staff meetings. We will also persuade the club that is selling snacks and drinks on campus to not sell drinks that come in single-use plastic bottles. Meanwhile, aiming to increase the water dispensers/stations on campus to make it more convenient for people to use recycled water bottles, we will research about the best locations on campus to add more water dispensers and the best brands for them.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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The Benefit

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