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The Problem

The main reason for people not doing something to help is a feeling of distance - that the world's problems are, simply put, a different world. In Silicon Valley, a world of concrete jungles and MacBooks, people often forget that they live in the same world that is turning from green and vibrant to smoke and ashes. With a focus on the competitive world of grades and GPA's, people frankly don't have the time to go out and actually work. This project focuses on raising awareness, instilling passion, and showing easy everyday changes that can someday change the world.

Our Plan

We will give talks and show people what truly happens around the world - telling high schoolers and collegiates what they can do to make a change. We will suggest lifestyle changes that save resources and materials.

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety
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The Benefit

About Roots & Shoots

We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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