Autumn Harvest

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The Problem

Students completed a Roots & Shoots community map and determined that the main issues within the community were the lack of plants in front of homes and of wildlife (birds, bees, squirrels, and butterflies). They have decided to host a Harvest Festival on November 25th in the school cafeteria to bring awareness around these issues.

Our Plan

Students will have demonstrations on how build bird houses, how to prepare easy and healthy snacks at home, and how to grow a spider plant from seed. Students from Van Arsdale Campus will be able to take home these bird boxes, plants, and snacks. Students will also issue a survey on the cafeteria food to determine the favorite and least favorite food options on the school menu. The survey results will be shared with the chefs of SchoolFoods, which is the school's lunch vendor.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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