Attracting Monarchs and Other Pollinators

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    Stilwell, Oklahoma
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The Problem

We have chose to build garden beds to plant pollinator attractant plants and monarch attractant plants. Our group has learned about the declining numbers of Monarch butterflies and bees. We established a school garden two years age and have completed improvements and enhancements each year with small grants and partnerships. We have grown tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuces, squash, herbs, strawberries, and a variety of root crops. The produce has been used in the nutrition program, distributed to individual students, and used to feed students during summer school. Students have also learned to make salsa, pickles, and other items from their harvest. Our school is located in the migratory path of the Monarch Butterfly and we also want to attract pollinators to help our garden thrive and provide a habitat to increase their numbers.

Our Plan

We will use the grant to expand and enhance our current garden space to have dedicated areas to plant pollinator attractants, especially for Monarchs and bees.

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The Benefit

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