Aspen Forest Songbird and Life Signs

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    Lacombe, Alberta
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The Problem

Our community will take ownership and become attached to the Aspen Forest if they visit it and understand what are the natural treasures and wonder it holds. We will bring back songbirds while creating points of interest with little knowledge "tree cookies", that will be interesting and informing them in hope to bring them as closeness and interest with nature. If we educate the community and we provide an opportunity for them to understand their habitats and bring alive a healthy interest and affinity to nature, it is our hope encourage others to look after the environment because people become attached to what they like. Perhaps they will bring animal and plant habitats to their backyard spaces?

Our Plan

Our Gr. 4 project is three parts 1) working with a buddy class to provide information and structures to educate the community about our Aspen Forest habitat. 2) To build structures to encourage wildlife eg) songbirds back to the forest. 3) To complete a plant project from seedling to supper to educate our parents/community about the findings and discoveries we have had within the Aspen Forest Habitat & plant life that we have learned about while providing a fundraising supper to support future projects regarding our Outdoor Classroom.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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