Art Classes for local homeless

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    Los Angeles, California
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The Problem

After being inspired by another local organization that started an art class for their local homeless, I wanted to create a similar program that was open to artists of all levels and individuals with no experience. I wanted these classes to help these individuals, often outcasted by society and alone, redevelop a sense of human connection.

Our Plan

My target audience is the members that attend a soup kitchen I help at, about 70 people attend on average. I began by writing up a survey, that asked basic questions such as "Would you be interested in attending an art program?" I wanted to a local space, nothing too far from the kitchen so nobody would have to travel too far out. My intention was to have the class be right after the kitchen closes, for convenience and I was able to do just that for a while. Since the project was just kicking off, I was figured getting art supplies on the more affordable side was a reasonable action, it also minimized the necessary investment cost. I also attended a local art activist group to see if any of them were willing to volunteer and many were interested in such a project and said they would attend.

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