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    Durham, North Carolina
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The Problem

Our wish as a group is to gather as much as we can to donate to the APS of Durham. We know the animals there need essential items such as food, bowls, towels, toys, etc. We want to help out the animals that stay there and the staff that works there as well. We know that the staff there does their best everyday and we wanted to give our part as well. We also want to use this opportunity to work together as a school to donate and spread awareness about the needs of animals.

Our Plan

Our first step in this project is to make a plan on how we will market, collect, and spread awareness. First, we will need to make posters to put up around the school so that kids know what to donate. We also need to make announcements and phone tree messages so that the parents are aware as well. After we spread awareness, we will need to collect items for the drive. We will ask for things such as toys, food, bowls, brushes, towels, shampoo, and treats. We will market at the same time of spreading awareness to the school. After we have our plan we will put it into action. We will collect our items and take them to the APS as well as getting a tour of the facility so we can learn more about what they do there.

Themes Addressed

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    Pets & Companion Animals

The Benefit

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