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The Problem

We want to appreciate history and its diversity through oral recordings and interviews with senior citizens in our local community. Inspired by a good friend and WWII veteran, Leon Briones, who passed away in early January, we want to help preserve and understand our community's rich and complicated history through these oral interviews. There are innumerable stories of perseverance, courage, and sacrifice in our community and we can't get them all--but we can start somewhere. Recordings with veterans will be sent to the Library of Congress for the Veterans Oral History Program.

Our Plan

We will begin by reaching out to senior citizens we know and have spoken with. Then, we plan to work with local senior groups and veteran's associations to conduct interviews. We will make the interviews into short audio clips and share some with local elementary and middle schools educators to integrate into their respective history lessons. We hope to bring inspiration and positive feelings to help students learn more about their local history, appreciate it, and perhaps make history more fun.

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