Answer the Call! Mobile Recycling Day

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    Jupiter, Florida
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    Any Age
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    Community-Based Program

The Problem

Production of cell phone and other electronics uses difficult to obtain resources. When phones are replaced, they are often discarded instead of recycled. Valuable resources, such as coltan, can be salvaged from electronics when people care enough to recycle them.

Our Plan

We will be celebrating and promoting Mobile Recycling Day by being sure to #AnswerTheCall . We will collect old phones and electronics to drop off for recycling. We will learn about coltan, including what it is, where it's from and how it is mined/extracted.

Themes Addressed

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    Endangered Species
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The Benefit

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Here is how the project went:

We collected a full bag of phones to recycle!

Through this project I/we learned:

I learned it doesn't hurt to give something a try. We displayed a sign to collect phones and I sent out a group email. I wasn't expecting to collect many phones, but we did!

What I/we might change:

I would post our flyer for longer and would share this on social media. I would contact our local waste-free living store to display our flyer and some information about JGI, Roots & Shoots and mining. We will definitely do this again!

My/our favorite part of this project was:

Seeing our bag fill up!

Some tips, tricks or fun facts about the project:

Some useful hashtags for Mobile Recycling Day are: #AnswerTheCall #ForestIsCalling

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