Animals Rescuers aka Turtle Club

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    Minneola, Florida
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The Problem

We are looking for more community involvement. We are looking to have the ability to care for unwanted exocitc torioses. We just need continued support for materials to create projects we use to educate other students. Also resources to use to for the students to use to educate the public when we participate in World Turtle Day and Gopher Tortoise Day. We currently have tortoises. 2 were adopted/rescued/ rehomed. 1 was given to the students as a grant. Some of the students have been taking care of other tortoises at home that are all brought in for educational purposes and to expose people young and old to the different species of turtles and tortoises there are as well as their different needs and to educate on native species versus non-native species. The resources we use are to create education activities for the students at the school and towards activities at the nature center. We all needs the resource to properly care for the tortoise we currently provided car. Such as bulbs, substrate, food, enclosures. When the students particpate they try to make booths with educational activities, make shirts that say "ask me about tortoises" and make flyers to invite the students and their families to attend and participate.

Our Plan

We will invite the student and all the ELC programs in our county to participate and World Turtle Day at the nature center with us. We will also invite others interested like a deputy from the sheriff departments with his daughter and others educators. Our students will spend months prior meeting, sharing and caring for the current tortoise we have.

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    Pets & Companion Animals
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