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The Problem

In this campaign I hope that we can put a stop wild animals as pets. There are lots of stories about animals that should not be pet a as pets like tigers and mountain lions .there's even one about a bison. These animals should not be in captivity and should be running free in there habitat .not a small house were they have nothing to do while there owner is at work.if you help in this campaign hundreds of wild animals will be running free in there real home

Our Plan

In this project we will fight against letting people have wild animals as pets. We can do small things like when your friends talk about having pets like that try to convince them that ,that is wrong and tell them the reasons or give them websites to research if they don't believe you. We can also do bigger things like speak in public about it or right a arrival and try to get it published. It's up to you. There a lot of people that like to just do small things .but there's also a lot of people who like to do not things so that's why it's not a specific thing just try to get the word out thwre.

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