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The Problem

Our school has service learning once a week and has implemented a “Be the Change” initiative where our student get to see themselves as part of the overall thread that connects the school and our communities, and how they can be an agent for positive change. The students get to choose the projects that they want to participate in, which in this instance is Animal Rights and Urban Wildlife. They will be working with various organizations in the city such as ASPCA and The Wild Bird Fund and to learn about animal issues in New York City, and how they can be a part of a movement to help animals in need and our local eco-system.

Our Plan

The students will be exposed to a number of pressing issues regarding animal welfare, and they will also be a part a week-long range of activities to help our community be a kinder place for animals and wildlife. In practice, this includes drafting letters to our local government to get a full service animal shelter for the Bronx, which aside from Queens, it’s currently the only other borough that does not have one. Additionally, they will work on promoting community involvement for animal rights campaigns with the ASPCA, the Wild Bird Fund, amongst other components like volunteering and fundraising. In the culminating phase, they will exhibit their journey and learning experiences on a final project that will be presented school wide.

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    Pets & Companion Animals
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