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The Problem

We want to encourage corporations, institutions and sports teams to participate in wildlife conservation efforts, particularly related to their mascot. We believe that children have the power to make positive changes in the world.

Our Plan

We wrote letters to various organizations that have a mascot that represents a threatened or endangered species. Some organizations already have programs in place that dedicate funds that are contributed to wildlife conservation efforts. Some examples are the Detroit Tigers and the Philadelphia Eagles. In addition to a letter writing campaign, the fourth graders created and shared a presentation for grades K-3 at our school. Here is a link to the presentation : After the presentation, many students in grades K-3 were inspired to write letters and think of action steps they can take to bring awareness to the plight of threatened and endangered animals. The fourth graders are planning a fund raising event at our school. We will donate the funds to a wildlife conservation organization. Our school's kindergarten teacher created a mind map that shows many,many animal mascots. You can find links with contact information as well as more details about the project.

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