Alverno Aquaponics

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    Sierra Madre, California
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The Problem

Aquaponics is an economical and compact system of farming has the potential for providing local communities and families with healthy sustainable food sources, while conserving water, utilizing captured water, and providing potable water. This impacts remote or impoverished communities who may have limited access to clean drinking water or fresh food.

Our Plan

Alverno students are building 2 x 1000-liter aquaponics systems. The project impacts students by engaging them in meaningful scientific practices, and the local and global community will benefit through education and outreach. Local outreach will take the form of educational presentations to local schools, as well as an informational website. In addition to an invaluable learning experience for the students in an important emerging farming technology to address the food global crisis, the knowledge acquired will enable the students to provide technical support and outreach to local and global communities.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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